Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To stew or not to stew... That is the Question!!

Im not a big fan of stew's but this recipe won me over, I decided to keep the rustic idea, so I placed the stew in half a loaf of bread... it not only looks appealing but tastes great too since once finished the bread woul have absorbed the juices from the stew and it tastes just divine.

3 pounds beef (I used steak)
Worcestershire sauce
Olive oil
3 tbsp Kunserva (Sweet tomatoe paste)
2 cups tomatoe sauce
1 pint stock (i used half vegetable and half beef)
3 cups of frozen mixed vegetables
2 onions
6 garlic cloves
salt and pepper
10 potatoes
4 loafs

Cook the garlic and onions until browned. Add the beef, leave until cooked through
Meanwhile in a large saucepan put the stock, vegetables, sauces, salt, pepper, and let simmer for 10 minutes. 
Add the cooked beef, onions and garlic into the large saucepan, and simmer on low heat for an hour.
In another pan, boil the potatoes for 25 minutes
Once ready, drain the potatoes, cut into wedges, season with paprika, olive oil, salt and pepper and place in oven on 250 degrees, for 15 minutes
Once the stew is ready, half the Loafs and cut out the inside (make sure not to cut through)
Place the stew inside loaf and serve

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